Our Certifications

We are a carbon neutral company!

As a manufacturer, we recently obtained ISO 14064 certification (GHG - Greenhouse Gas Emissions), thus becoming a carbon neutral company.

The ISO 14064 standard is made up of a set of standards aimed at the evaluation, management and certification of greenhouse gas emissions by organizations. This certification gives us the opportunity to control greenhouse gases, which normally all organizations emit (even living beings are small emitters of greenhouse gases) and to put forward projects aimed at reducing and/or cancelling them out.

emissions certification

COSMOS NATURAL certification

This standard strict, internationally recognized, has been developed by the five main European certification agencies for natural and organic cosmetics and it establishes the requirements to be met for a cosmetic product to be qualified as organic and/or natural.

Its objective is the application of the principles of sustainable development throughout the cosmetics supply chain, from the characterization of raw materials to the distribution of finished products.

The final objective is therefore to deal with the essential issues for the environment and the well-being of humans on the planet, in order to promote the development of increasingly natural and organic cosmetic products. This is necessary for the respect of consumers, who must be informed in a clear and transparent way, so that they themselves can be actors of sustainable development.

The SENSITIVE and LENITIVE collections are both certified COSMOS NATURAL .

cosmos natural certification

Eco Bio Cosmetic Certification

ICEA is one of the most recognized bodies in the environmental and ethical certification sector. The Eco Bio Cosmetic Certification ensures first and foremost to respect the well-being of the human body: choosing a certified product is therefore the best guarantee to protect it. It is about using products whose raw materials have been chosen and selected according to strict procedural guidelines whose principles are based on Organic, Ecological and Natural constructs.

eco organic cosmetics certification