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Love, Care, Life and Feel is our mantra. Our products support our planet and its consumers by creating a lifestyle. All of our product lines aim at improving life for consumers, from morning to night.

  • LOVE for nature and the planet
  • CARE for yourself
  • LIFE in connecting with nature
  • FEEL your inner beauty

Since its creation in 2014, this brand has listened to and understood the needs of hairdressers and customers in order to create the cleanest products for them and for our planet. Our products are Eco Bio Cosmetics and Cosmos Natural certified, which means our process is sustainable and uses only ethically sourced organic ingredients.

Our product lines offer clean and vegan treatment options for every hair type. We are proud of our formulas composed of at least 96% natural raw materials and microbiologically pure water. By basing all of our formulas on microbiologically pure water, we create the perfect conditions to actively incorporate the ancient wisdom of plant extracts and plant oils. These, combined with organic ingredients, can improve hair everywhere.

Quality, long-lasting products that truely work for all hair types.

"INSIGHT provides clean, professional-grade products to consumers around the world, focusing on harnessing nature's finest ingredients while committing to quality production and healthier end result."

Urban Nature

INSIGHT is the line that has been designed in our laboratories to create a synergistic action between the ancient wisdom of phyto-extracts and phyto-oils and the ethical choice to work with organic ingredients, nature, in an urban context, is our source of inspiration.

Essential + Effectiveness

The INSIGHT products are nourishing, rich in protective and essential active ingredients, in line with a healthy choice of formula purity.

Innovative and unconventional formulations protect the health and shine of hair thanks to a careful selection of raw materials, while guaranteeing absolute styling perfection and a high professional content.


The mission of INSIGHT is eco-sustainability, both environmental and social.

Being accessible to everyone, offering gentle but effective green formulas; professional quality at affordable prices.

INSIGHT (noun) in - sight: The ability to clearly see the inner nature of things.